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How to contact us

Where is my order?

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us. You can visit one of our Business Centres in over 230 locations around the UK where you can talk to a Business Adviser about your specific requirements. You can ring our UK-based call centre and talk to a trained expert – just like a Business Adviser in store but on the end of the phone - 0344 561 6789. Alternatively you can email us using our online form and we will get back to you at the next available opportunity.

Business Advisers

When you're buying IT equipment, there will be times when you want to talk face-to-face with an expert who really understands your needs. You will find dedicated PC World Business Advisers at all of our nationwide Business Centres.

These trained professionals will help you with anything from choosing the laptop that best suits your requirements, to advising you on how technology can help you improve business efficiency. When it comes to both business and IT, our Business Advisers really know what they're talking about. They've gone through extensive technical training on all the products, solutions and services we offer. And they can call on extra support from our Advanced Solutions team who are able to advise on complex business solutions, remote support and Software Licensing.

Many of our Business Advisers have accreditations from leading partners such as Apple, Microsoft, HP, Brother, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung and Cisco. Their knowledge covers all stages of the IT life cycle, so no matter what type of IT issue you have, we have professionally qualified IT staff ready to help.


If you run a small business, and you need new or upgraded hardware or software, there will naturally be times when you're too busy to drop everything and head to one of our PC World stores. For situations like this, we've made ourselves as flexible as possible to do business with – a truly seamless experience that allows you to choose how you want to interact with us. So, if you can't get to a store, you can talk to us on the phone, or you can go online.

Our website enables you to log into your account and track the progress of your orders – whether they were placed online, in store or over the phone. There is also the facility to download recent and archived invoices and statements.

We also offer account customers the ability to view and purchase products that aren't available in store. You can browse and buy over 60,000 additional products on our specific business site. You can also link your in-store account with our website so you can pay on credit. Therefore choose the way best way to shop for you.

Contact centre

You will always get good advice from our Business Advisers in store. But that's not the only way we can help you out when you need support. Our Contact Centre is just a phone call away, and is just like an in-store Business Adviser, but at the end of the phone. The person you talk to will be an expert: they are trained in exactly the same way as our store-based advisers.

Our Contact Centre is UK-based and it's there for you during regular business hours and beyond – from 8am to 6pm. So call us and let us help you with your IT, whatever your query.

Simply click the “Link to my Business Account” box. This will show a box asking for your account number and the postcode that your account is allocated to.

If you have not yet applied for a Business Online Account, you can do so on our website and then match up your online account when the application has been accepted.

How do I contact you?

Business Customers can make purchases on their account in all our stores. This consists of all Currys, PC World and Currys.Digital stores. Please be aware that although you can purchase on your account in any of these stores it is only our PC World stores that have a business centre with a dedicated business adviser.

You can find your nearest PC World Business Centre on our comprehensive Store Finder

If you visit any of our other stores, please ask a colleague if they are able to process an order onto your business account.

What are your opening hours?

To find out the opening hours and contact details of your local PC World Business Centre, please search for your local store on our interactive map or browse through our A-Z list. Both can be found on our Store Finder