On site installation

Every business has its own unique requirements and it's essential to have the correct technology in place.

We listen to your business needs and will set up everything from printers to your computer network in a way that works for you, providing your business a more flexible and efficient way of working. We can visit your premises at a time that suits you and minimises disruption. We'll install and configure the devices you need, connecting to your new or existing network, as well as loading and optimising operating systems and vital additional software.

  • Your chosen devices installed and set up at your place of business
  • Operating systems and additional software installed and configured
  • Full set up of a new wired/wireless network or devices connected to an existing network
  • Your NAS devices or Time Capsule connected to the network with a demonstration of how to file share and access your backed up information
  • Setup of email, local onsite backup, cloud backup and restricted file access
  • 30 days free telephone support


For more information, speak to your local Business Adviser or call 0800 234 6332